Let me start by thanking you for getting your hands on my new book, The Secrets of ScoreMetrics. I wrote this book because I really felt it was time to share the groundbreaking and confidential information I have discovered, in the hope that this can do for you what it has done for me.  It’s totally changed my life. 

During this process, I am going to tear down many of the traditional ideas you have been told about investing, as well as destroy any fallacies you may have had about wagering on sports. My hope is that this book educates you on the process, entertains you a bit and inspires you to enter into the lucrative world of sports investing. I am 1,000% committed to what I have discovered and created and I am certain that, with the knowledge you gain from this book, you will have an edge on any other investor or sports gambler that you ever come across. ScoreMetrics has been the answer to what I have been looking for and I know it will be yours as well. 

So what is ScoreMetrics? We will cover that along the way in detail in this book and I will even go over a few key elements more than once but in different ways to make sure it hits home..

In short, ScoreMetrics is a method of speculating on sports in the same way you speculate on stocks but, just like with other investments, the method uses back-tested analytics to find patterns that show a significant return on investment (ROI), while limiting risk. I am not selling snake oil out of the back of a truck nor am I promising to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams with a Bernie Madoff style ponzi scheme. This book will show you the path that I found to financial wealth beyond my wildest dreams and share the life it has given me.  

Whether you are currently investing in any of the markets or you are currently learning about wagering on sports by losing your hard earned money on hunches, the explanation of this groundbreaking methodology will open your eyes to theories that are so far advanced and cutting-edge that it will leave you wondering how you ever invested a dollar without it. 

This is, unequivocally, the best purchase of your life because you are about to be introduced to confidential, next-level information that will revolutionize the way you invest for the rest of your life. 

So what will we cover in this book?

I will start by guiding you through the legalization of sports trading and why it is important. There is a whole new world and a new opportunity for a lot of people out there and it’s not only finally legal, but perfectly positioned to be fully leveraged with this exclusive information. 

I will then give you the recipe to the secret sauce and show you how, just like with stocks, you can access and leverage a wealth of data that is available to diversify your portfolio and open the door to a market that has no connection to any other markets you have invested in before. 

For those of you that are part of my exclusive VIP Members area, you will get the full support of myself and my highly trained staff as well as our exclusive trade recommendation alerts with back-tested performance that would have net you an unheard of 217.92% during baseball season alone last year.  That is an annualized return of over 434% on your money for just one season! (we currently offer three seasons of sports per year and are working on a fourth!)

Even if you are not a member, this book will guide you through the steps and logic so you can start creating your own non-emotional trading strategies that work with sports. This includes how to use back-testing and logic that creates a process that is focused on giving you the lowest volatility and highest returns on your money.   

We will then shred the lie that your current portfolio is diversified enough and explain  why your current investments are more connected than you think. You are a lot more at risk than you are being led to believe.  

Finally, you will learn how to use multiple systems to diversify risk and get optimized performance on your investments. Then, I will show you examples of how our revolutionary system has changed the lives of so many people, not just me. 

Now, I know that sounds like the kind of thing you expect to hear on a late night infomercial where they tell you how to buy houses with no money.  The biggest difference is that everything I am telling you can be verified and is 100% true, even the part about the models and beautiful women. But we  aren’t there yet.  

Now, where should I start? 

How about I tell you a little bit about myself. 

This is a story about a guy that came from nothing, got everything he ever wanted, lost it all and found it again in the most unlikely of places. 

While I realize that my story may not be unique in a macro sense, it’s the micro decisions I made along the way that gave me the life I have now.  

Now, I understand that we all have a different view of the “perfect life.”  Mine was always the nicest cars, the most beautiful women and the best restaurants and experiences.  My voracious appetite for all those things pushed me to create what some are calling the most revolutionary investment system to come along in ages.  

Unlike some stories, this one will start in the middle.  

Let me first tell you that my life was not for everyone. It still isn’t. For those of you that have big families with children, grandchildren, or even great grandchildren, I applaud you for reaching the goals you wanted. You have things I will never have, but honestly never wanted. You see, I have always lived a bit outside the lines.

Maybe it started in my younger days when I moved away from home. I had a very different plan when I picked up and left, with dreams of going to law school and one day having enough money to buy a jet black Mustang. Coming from a humble middle class family, I actually couldn’t wrap my head around owning anything more expensive, nor could I name a car that cost more than the famed Ford. 

When I moved from my home just outside of Pittsburgh to West Palm Beach at the age of 18, I was so naive and such a huckleberry that I took a train because the thought of actually flying on an airplane terrified me. To me it’s hysterical that the guy who routinely travels across the world now on 15 hour flights was afraid to board a plane at any time in his life. People used to laugh at me about that.  If they could only see me now.  

However, that train ride was the perfect ride and the perfect way to travel at the perfect time in my personal growth.  It was on that 26 hour train ride I realized my life was about to change. I was moving so far from home that it felt like another planet to me, leaving all of my family and friends behind. I knew I had to make it worth it, otherwise it was a wasted opportunity.  I made myself a promise to achieve three things on that long journey.  

  1. Make enough money to buy a Mustang (as I mentioned above)
  2. Have a life so cool that I could have a centerfold wife (big dreams)
  3. Have enough wealth that I could do whatever I wanted (I wasn’t even sure what that meant)

What can I say? Looking back on it now, I guess I was a shallow kid. 

I do know this; shallow kids make shallow adults. I am proof of that.    

Fast forward to 2008 and I was once divorced (from a real life centerfold), living what I considered to be a rockstar lifestyle. I had skipped over the Mustang and was driving a jet black $120k car with custom rims that I got right off the showroom floor of the largest Porsche dealer in America.  I was living the American dream; one that afforded me anything I wanted. I had achieved my goals. 

You see, while I was a 1%’er financially, I was also a 1%’er in lifestyle.  

I was single, living in Miami and was lucky enough to be enjoying a life very few people could ever dream of.  I know that sounds arrogant, but it’s one of the many, many things I will tell you in this book that are 100% true.  Life was really amazing.  

Between 1995 and 2008 I had more girlfriends and wives that were models, strippers, Hooters girls or beautiful Nightclub Bottle Hostesses than most could imagine.  

I can’t even tell you how many times people said “Wait, THAT is you girlfriend?” with that shocked tone in their voices. Sometimes I would wake up in the morning and pinch myself, just to make sure it was real.  It was. 

They all wondered what my secret was.  The secret was simple. I had a fun lifestyle that was supported by my income.  

I partied at the best clubs in town, where I was welcomed at the front door by the VIP host with a firm handshake and free entry.  Upon walking into these clubs, my table would already be prepared with several large bottles of Grey Goose vodka and a few bottles of Dom Peringnon that I would buy just so attractive women would stop by the table for a glass or two.  I don’t even like the taste of champagne, but I do like the ladies who gravitate to it. 

I was able to afford to do the things I wanted, when I wanted, just like I had planned. 

I went to 3 Super Bowls, sitting at or around the 50 yard line, surrounded by celebrities like John Travolta and P Diddy. I was able to fly my sister out to one of those Super Bowls and see our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers win the Lombardi Trophy.  What a memory. Imagine wasting $5,000+ on a single ticket to an event, let alone buying multiple tickets without even thinking about it.  

I brought my nephew to both the NBA Championship and the MLB All-Star Game with exclusive backstage passes to meet the players. As a sports fan, it doesn’t get much better than that. To be able to give him a memory like that is priceless. I loved doing those things for my family. 

It was really something. When the toughest decision you make in your day is whether to drive your Porsche or your Range Rover, your life is pretty good.  Sometimes I needed to decide between Asian or Latin too… and I am not talking about food.    

I worked my ass off to get that life, networking and researching for hours on end. Don’t misunderstand me.  None of it was easy. I was working my tail off. At one point I was handling all my investments, scouring the market for new properties and running my bar and my restaurant all at the same time. My motto used to be “never let another man outwork you”.

Does all this bragging make you hate me yet? Well, here is the thing; I had it all and I lost it all.  

You see, as honest and as nice of a guy as I always try to be, none of the things I described above is afforded to anyone based on the level of their character.  It’s all about money. And as soon as the money was gone, so was all of that.  

I guess you could say the bubble burst.  

For a lot of people, the crash of 2008 meant huge losses.  Countless people lost businesses, 401k’s and huge investments. You couldn’t drive down the street in my neighborhood in any given week without seeing a new foreclosure notice on someone’s home.  

For me it was that and more.  I lost my lifestyle.  

If you have seen me speak publicly you know that, amongst other cringe-worthy losses, I was locked into several large property deals when the boom came to a head and imploded. My “diversified” portfolio didn’t help much either, so when that crash happened it took almost everything I had.   

Losing money isn’t easy for anyone, so my experience, and the feeling it gave me, doesn’t make me special.  It killed me to lose that lifestyle, but what sets me apart from most was that I dedicated a part of my life to making sure that it never happens again.  

You see, I realize that I made mistakes.  More than a few of them. I didn’t understand how everything was connected as far as the markets go, and I never realized that those subprime loans were going to bring us all down. Truth be told, I didn’t even know what a subprime loan was.  

They say if you have never had something, you never miss it.  Well, after 2008, I missed the life I had like a lost appendage, and I would do anything to get it back.  

Ignorance is bliss, but I was far from ignorant.  

I knew that I needed to find a way to not only get back to where I was, but to get to a place where I would never worry about that happening again.  Ever.  

I write what I write above because it’s important to wrap your head around who I was and who I am to understand what ScoreMetrics is really about. It was this need to get back what was absent from my life and that need to never lose it again that drove me to create this method for my own personal use. I did it and it worked better than even I imagined. And this time it wasn’t connected to anything.    

First let me tell you something very, very important. It’s probably the most important thing I have written to this point; 

I am not a gambler.  

I don’t see the logic in wasting money on something I know won’t give my money back.  

I am nothing like that. I am an investor and an entrepreneur who has created and owned several multi-million dollar brands who was looking for a way to protect himself in the case of another nationwide financial disaster.  

In my quest to accomplish that, I developed a method that uses my knowledge of sports theories and then tests them to see if they are applicable to investing in them.  Just as I would with any investment, data is my guide as I test new systems daily, looking for the next pattern I can put money in. It’s EXACTLY the way millions of people invest in stocks, only my methodology puts money into markets that have no correlation to these others markets and very little, if any, competition from other investors.  

After years of privately testing algorithms, models, and research mechanics I was able to fine tune this system to not only provide me with the means to get what I had before, but to have even more.  



Now I have freedom too.  

No longer do I work from a desk and no longer do I own several brick and mortar business locations to spread my risk.  My research and development staff is reasonable in size and I manage them remotely from wherever my location is at the time. 

I spend half of my free time at my home condo in Thailand, a sprawling 3 bedroom penthouse, with a lap pool, overlooking one of the most majestic views of the Gulf of Thailand. When there, the only time I don’t spend surrounded by beautiful women is when I want alone time to watch a game or two or call my family and catch up.  I also have a Playstation, which should be embarrassing for a man my age but, truth be told, things like that (along with the beautiful 25 year olds) keep me young. I embrace who I am, flaws and all.  

The rest of the time I visit the countries I want, when I want, working part time on my schedule.  My job consists of talking about sports, politics and investments. The freedom and finances I have now feel almost endless. 

Imagine visiting a live volcano in New Zealand, then staying at the MGM Hotel in Vegas and eating 5 star meals, then jetting off to the Philippines and being treated like a king at the Makati Shangri-la in Manila. 

There is nothing better to me than coming back to a 5 star hotel in the Philippines I often stay at and have them say “Welcome, Sir John” as I walk in, remembering me because I am a nice guy and a ridiculously generous tipper. (I feel people who do a good job and provide good service should be rewarded.)      

Most of my free time is now spent in the company of different young and beautiful women, and my band of merry friends that are along for the ride with me. We are all over the age of 45 and living our best lives because of our investments and because of what ScoreMetrics gives us.  We have balls-out ridiculous fun in one city until we move on to the next one, and then we start all over again. 

We are grownups living the life that young people wish they could have and most people our age have given up trying to get.  ScoreMetrics changed my life and, now, taking it public can change the lives of many others. 

My hope is that through this book and what I can teach you, you will learn the secrets to what some are calling “the most revolutionary investment strategy in years” and apply it to your life.  

Maybe you will even learn that, just like me, you should never give up on the life you want and deserve, no matter what your age is.  

I look forward to having you along on this ride and I can’t wait to hear your success stories. Keep on reading and you can’t help but come to one conclusion: ScoreMetrics is the real deal.