We hope this guide has helped you get a basic understanding of some of the terms that you might hear as you discuss sports investing with your friends or as you try to make your trades.  While we did give you this guide to help you learn, we remind you that the terms you see here are used by sports gamblers and while that is not what our system is about, we are playing in their sandbox.   

Sometimes fancy high-roller gamblers will try to talk really smooth and act really cool. Usually, they’re behind on their mortgage because they’re making stupid bets. But hey, if they’ve got a cheap cigar and a watered-down glass of whiskey, they think they’re the second coming of Frank Sinatra!

Now, at least you’ll know what the heck they are talking about when they come at you with words like “vig,” “juice,” and “sharp.”

We truly hope this guide is something that takes the edge off and makes you feel more comfortable about this new form of investing you are entering into.  Knowing these terms will make you feel more confident, sound cooler to your friends and, hopefully, help you make money with your investments in Sports Trading. 

But remember, words alone aren’t enough to empower you enough to make you an incredible sports investor. It’s a good start, and knowledge is important, but this industry is about more than words.

We at Sports Trading Systems specialize in creating advanced sports investment strategies that no one else can replicate. We won’t detail what they are here (we’ve got other educational materials that can do that, if you’re interested), but just know that when you’re ready to take the next step, we’ll be here for you.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you, and we hope to hear from you soon when you’re ready for the next step. And, as always, happy trading.